Intimate Moments/ Monologue

Graduation Work (Tokyo University of the Arts)

Installation mixed-media

Japan, 2019

This work shows the invisible link established between Japan and the Congo when the atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima in 1945. This bomb contained uranium extracted from the Shinkolobwe mines in the Belgian Congo

By gradually throwing tablets throughout the route of the performance within the Hiroshima Memorial Park, a large scale drawing was made. These tablets , playing the metaphorical role of uranium, established a new link between Japan and Congo by revealing the former one. They connected the artist to the city of Hiroshima and to the people of Hiroshima (Hibakusha and locals), connect each component of the artwork.

Intimate Moments/Monologue is a mixed media installation: 3 videos (Intimate Moments, Traces and More Than 2000!) and Monologue which has 3 large drawings panels.

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